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Variations in soil characteristics, management, inputs, climate and paddock history often cause yields across paddocks to vary by 50 percent or more. With most modern headers carrying yield monitors linked to global positioning systems (GPS), growers and agronomists have the opportunity to understand which parts of their paddocks are making a profit or a loss. Producing an accurate yield map each year is an important first step in planning for next season to ensure inputs are optimised to maximise yield potential so that every hectare of the crop makes a profit.

                               Unfortunately producing an accurate yield map is not as simple as pulling the data card out of the header, and loading it into your mapping software. Maps produced from “raw” yield data tend to have large errors and limited value, so the data needs to be cleaned before it can be used effectively. Partial combine header passes, paddock trees; headlands; lag between the beginning of grain cut and when the monitor measures the grain yield; and variations in grain flow through the combine all need to be processed out of the data before it is useful.                      

Raw yield monitor data (left), and cleaned data (right) Terrabyte Services have solved these problems with the development of the AGROVIEW Precision Yield Mapping System (APYMS). APYMS can take data directly from data cards or previously downloaded data. It will handle yield data from John Deer, CASE, New Holland and most other systems. APYMS includes a unique data cleaning process which automatically identifies and removes problem data and generates clean yield maps ready to use.   Once clean yield maps have been generated, targeted soil sampling or field scouting can be undertaken to understand the cause of the yield variability. The APYMS maps can be exported to PDF files for printing, or loaded directly onto farm mapping software and GPS units for in paddock investigations.   · Cumulative yield · Average yield and stability · Cumulative nutrient removal   When data is cleaned and calibrated, multiple years of data can also be analysed to assess long term yield trends. Terrabyte Services offers yield analysis where cumulative yield, nutrient removal or yield stability can be determined for different areas over several years to produce management zones for site-specific management. This information can be used to develop fertiliser or gypsum application strategies such as: an optimum average rate across a paddock; dividing the paddock into blocks, or a full variable rate plan for automated application.

                                              The detailed yield map products can also be easily integrated with other Precision Agriculture solutions offer by Terrabyte Services including: detailed soil mapping; nutrient analysis, and satellite imagery crop vigour products during key crop growth stages, to plan in-season nitrogen application or improve water management.

                        If you are interested in minimising your risk and maximising your profits within a sustainable farming system, call Terrabyte Services, or your nearest commercial agronomist to find out more, and coordinate Terrabyte’s AGROVIEW services for you and your neighbors.

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