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Irrigation Channel Assessment 

In addition to the use of electromagnetic surveying for assessment of large areas, the technology can also be applied in line surveys such as for irrigation channels. These surveys generate data along the survey line to identify channel sections with potentially high drainage characteristics.
The survey process can involve surveying while the channel contains water using a customised, powered survey pontoon or using a 4-wheel bike after the water has been removed.

Customised channel survey unit

Sample survey data with potentially high drainage areas shown as red. Boxes identify the areas shown in the following 2 images.

Surveying is undertaken by collecting data from a survey pass in each direction with data collected at a one second interval.

Satellite imagery (displayed as false colour with active plant growth shown as red).

The identified area shows a section of low ECa (potentially high drainage) and its location relative to a prior stream as identified by the red area either side of the channel. In this situation it is suggested that the growth in the stream is sourcing water leaked from the channel


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