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Field Surveying 

Central to understanding the variability in crop and pasture production is an assessment of soil characteristics. Terrabyte Services routinely uses EM31/38 surveying to develop targeted soil investigation strategies that assist with identification of soil and potential management zones.

Surveying typically involves collection of data at 5m intervals along transects spaced at between 10m and 50m depending on the agronomic application. Data is supplied in both hardcopy and GIS digital format for display and management by most farm mapping software.

EM Survey and soil investigations have successfully identified conductivity trends that correlate with both physical and chemical characteristics in a range of landscapes. Significantly, variability in yield maps and crop imaging is often closely matched to the patterns identified in EM Survey maps. EM Surveying is also widely recognised as a highly effective means of mapping dry land and irrigation salinity.

Apparent Conductivity - EM38 Remote Sensing - NDVI


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