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Electromagnetic Surveying Overview

Much of the variability observed in agricultural systems can be attributed to variability in soil properties. Understanding the nature and extent of this variability can lead to improved management and better matching of landuse to land capability.

EM surveying has been shown to be a rapid, cost efficient method of generating information, that together with follow up ground truthing can provide accurate maps of soil type differences and distribution.

Electromagnetic surveying measures the soils apparent electrical conductivity, which is influenced by a number of soil factors including porosity, soil moisture, the concentration of dissolved electrolytes and amount and type of clay.

The maps are used to identify trends within the survey area and to target locations for further soil investigations to determine the nature of the variability. With a unique survey system, Terrabyte simultaneously uses an EM-38, EM-31 and RTK GPS to assess soils to depths of 1.5m and 1.6m while collecting high accuracy elevation data.

EM surveying has a proven track record in mapping of soil characteristics related to:

  • soil type distribution for land capability assessment and zone management
  • Assessment of suitability for irrigation development (fields, channels and storages)
  • Assist with development of variable nutrient and soil ameliorant plans,
  • irrigation and salinity management, and
  • soil drainage characteristics for assessment of landuse suitability.

For agronomic applications, the linking of EM data with additional information such as remote sensing, yield mapping or other spatially referenced data, is proving a rapid and cost effective method for identification of production or management zones.

Utilising EM technology, managers and agronomists are able to quantify and locate the extent of variability underlying their production system. Subsequent targeting of soil and crop monitoring is then able to more accurately determine the range of productive potential and to adjust management accordingly.

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EM31/EM38 mounted on a

EM31/EM38 mounted on a quad

Soil Sampling Equipment mounted
on a Landcruiser


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