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Profitable and sustainable farm management involves matching land use and management activities to the lands productive capabilities. Most importantly, these activities need to take account of both long-term and in-season variability in the lands productive potential.
Timely, accurate and appropriate information is required to optimise inputs that maximise economic returns and minimise environmental impact.

Terrabyte Service’s Practical Precision program provides farmers, agronomists and consultants with the ability to identify, analyse and manage the spatial and temporal (seasonal) variability of their soils, crops and pastures.

Using the latest technologies in: Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Global Positioning Systems (GPS); Remote Sensing (RS); Electromagnetic Surveying (EM); Variable Rate Technologies (VRT) and Yield Monitoring and Mapping (YM), Terrabyte Services bridges the gap between the theory of Precision Agriculture (PA) or Site Specific Management, and its practical application.

Our goal is to provide farmers, agronomists and consultants with the information they need to make better management decisions.

What we do 

Current consultancy services include;

  • Electromagnetic Surveying
  • Soil Sampling, Analysis and Mapping
  • Remote Sensing of Crops
  • Precision GPS Surveying
  • Yield Mapping
  • Precision Agriculture Support
  • Farm and Natural Resource Mapping
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Technical Training and Support


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